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Owen Hughes - Location Sound Recordist
On location in Tasmania.
Owen Hughes - Drone Reel

Owen Hughes is an award winning, freelance Sound Recordist and Commercial Drone Pilot based in Perth, Western Australia. Specialising in remote location sound recording and aerial imagery for film and television productions, he is available to work within Australia and internationally. Owen holds official drone certifications from CASA, the FAA, the IAA/EASA and the CAA allowing him to fly drones commercially in Australia, the USA, the EU and the UK.

Owen has actively been involved in location sound recording for film and television for over 17 years and in 2022 he was awarded full accreditation as a member of the Australian Screen Sound Guild, (ASSG). Owen has extensive experience in remote location filming on land, sea and in the air. Working on various projects across Australia as well as internationally, he is equipped with professional equipment from Sound Devices, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Neumann, Tentacle Sync and DJI and is capable of working seamlessly in even the harshest conditions.


Owen has recorded on long and short form drama, documentary series, corporate productions, reality, ENG and TVC’s. Through his work he has built strong relationships with Australian production companies as well as international clients. He has also operated drones on numerous productions since acquiring his certifications and is able to work as a Location Sound Recordist and also as a Drone Pilot for productions.

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